WP Engine

WP Engine has adopted Istio as a core technology for its internal microservices platform over the past 2 years, enabling internal engineers to ship products and features quickly and reliably. The platform has a multi-tenant architecture and uses various technologies such as containerized builds, GitOps deployments, and automated policy enforcement all in conjunction with Istio to meet their business and technical goals.

The decision to implement an internal platform with Istio has revolutionized the way WP Engine ships software by minimizing the common cross-cutting concerns engineers have to consider in building their applications. Implementing this platform has improved consistency between services, reduced operational overhead across the organization, and enhanced the security and observability of this runtime environments.

In this talk from IstioCon 2022, Rahul Dhir discusses WP Engine’s journey building a platform with Istio and how its benefits are moving their business forward.

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