Downloading the Release

Download and prepare for the installation

Istio is installed in its own istio-system namespace and can manage services from all other namespaces.

  1. Go to the Istio release page to download the installation file corresponding to your OS. On a macOS or Linux system, you can run the following command to download and extract the latest release automatically:

    $ curl -L | sh -
  2. Move to the Istio package directory. For example, if the package is istio-1.0.2:

    $ cd istio-1.0.2

    The installation directory contains:

    • Installation .yaml files for Kubernetes in install/
    • Sample applications in samples/
    • The istioctl client binary in the bin/ directory. istioctl is used when manually injecting Envoy as a sidecar proxy and for creating routing rules and policies.
    • The istio.VERSION configuration file
  3. Add the istioctl client to your PATH environment variable, on a macOS or Linux system:

    $ export PATH=$PWD/bin:$PATH

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