Istio 0.3

Istio 0.3 is our third release, focused on performance, stability, and reliability, as well as a great developer experience. We expect to encourage production usage of Istio 0.3, which will include the following:

  • Extensive integration and load testing of common user scenarios.
  • Improved support for debugging and tracing of common issues.
  • Basic HA configurations and instructions for scaling Istio.
  • Baseline performance numbers and targets for each component.
  • Support for incremental adoption of Istio into Kubernetes clusters.
  • Support for incremental adoption of mutual TLS throughout an Istio Mesh.
  • Basic Authorization using RBAC.
  • Improved support for VMs joining an Istio Mesh.
  • Improved support for non-Kubernetes use cases.
  • Support for backwards compatibility and Istio Upgrades.

Istio 0.4

Our fourth release, 0.4, will include support for merging multiple Istio installations into a single Istio Mesh, as well as additional features based on community feedback. Here are some examples of features we could work on:

  • Support for additional logging, monitoring, tracing, rate limiting etc. adapters.
  • Configuration rollout and management.
  • Support for multiple clusters in a single mesh.
  • Client-oriented telemetry collection and distribution.
  • Global load balancing with autoscaling.
  • Support for the Open Service Broker APIs.
  • Pluggable identity provisioning system to support custom CA (Vault) and custom-defined identity.
  • API Management functionality.

Please get in touch if there are features you’d like to see in our future releases!