list Config



providerUrlstringWhere to find the list to check against. This may be ommited for a completely local list.
refreshIntervalDurationDetermines how often the provider is polled for an updated list
ttlDurationIndicates how long to keep a list before discarding it. Typically, the TTL value should be set to noticeably longer (> 2x) than the refresh interval to ensure continued operation in the face of transient server outages.
cachingIntervalDurationIndicates the amount of time a caller of this adapter can cache an answer before it should ask the adapter again.
cachingUseCountint32Indicates the number of times a caller of this adapter can use a cached answer before it should ask the adapter again.
overrides[]repeated stringList entries that are consulted first, before the list from the server
entryTypeListEntryTypeDetermines the kind of list entry and overrides.
blacklistboolWhether the list operates as a blacklist or a whitelist.


STRINGSList entries are treated as plain strings.
CASE_INSENSITIVE_STRINGSList entries are treated as case-insensitive strings.
IP_ADDRESSESList entries are treated as IP addresses and ranges.