All Day Istio Twitch Stream

To celebrate the 1.0 release and to promote the software to a wider audience, the Istio community is hosting an all day live stream on Twitch on August 17th.

What is Twitch?

Twitch is a popular video gaming live streaming platform and recently has seen a lot of coding content showing up. The IBM Advocates have been doing live coding and presentations there and it’s been fun. While mostly used for gaming content, there is a growing community sharing and watching programming content on the site.

What does this have to do with Istio?

The stream is going to be a full day of Istio content. Hopefully we’ll have a good mix of deep technical content, beginner content and line-of-business content for our audience. We’ll have developers, users, and evangelists on throughout the day to share their demos and stories. Expect live coding, q and a, and some surprises. We have stellar guests lined up from IBM, Google, Datadog, Pivotal, and more!

How do I watch?

It’s easy! Just navigate here on August 17th starting at 10 AM Pacific.

I’d like to be on the stream

Oh good! We’d like to have you on as well. Reach out to @nibalizer on the Istio slack or rocket chat to get started.